Stunt Work

While doing research on a 33 year old stunt man John Bernecker who died while doing a stunt on The Walking Dead, I discovered that these stunt people risk their lives to make movies that we love and they are not even recognized by the Academy to get a much deserved Oscar. That is not right!

I want to do what I can to be of help to these stunt people so they will be recognized by the academy. While these stunt people have been trying for quite some time to be recognized, their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Hopefully, someone who visits this website may know someone who can be of help!

The following is excerpts from a letter I sent out to stunt people on Linkedin October 1, 2017:

“I have been attempting to network with as many stunt professionals as I can. I found out some time ago that your profession risk your lives every day on the set and are not even recognized by an Academy Award. I believe I read that your groups have petitioned the academy to no avail. That is quite disturbing to me that you risk your lives and are not even recognized along with others in the film/TV industry. Without all of you we wouldn’t have the fantastic productions that we have.

I have a website and I am in the process of expanding it in many different ways. I started it a little over 7 years ago and little by little have been expanding it for not just movies. I would very much like to do my part in helping you all out if possible.

I am open to hearing from you with ideas that can get out to all my visitors with suggestions, letters to my visitors, etc. to get the academy to recognize you.

I love movies and all the great things that you do. If you didn’t love it so much you wouldn’t be risking your life every day. If you want to know a little more about me, read “About Me” in the menu bar at the top of my website. I really want to do my part, so any and all suggestions will be welcome. And Please let me know if I can add your name to your comments.

Please respond to [email protected] and in the Subject line put STUNTS.

Best Regards and continued HEALTH & BE SAFE!”


Ps. I was just advised (3-6-18) of the following by Jack Gill:

I think we need to change the wording from “stunt” to “action” as the academy has let me know that that term may be more endearing to the profession.

Action actors and Action designers are terms that seem to work well with the Academy’s vernacular. I know it may take time but after a while it will fit right in.

The other suggestion is for any and all followers to send an email to the academy asking for an Action Designer category. The 2nd suggestion would be to ask actors, directors and producers to shoot a five second video on the iPhones saying “I believe that Action Designers deserve an Oscar category”


Many people do not know that Stunt Professionals do not get an Academy Award, even though they are the ones who literally risk life and limb for their life’s passion, the ART FORM they have spent their lifetimes MASTERING… The ART of ACTION! Without their selfless contribution to film, the movies we know and love, would not be nearly as impactful. It is the ART of ACTION, that allows us to experience those thrilling and breathtaking moments that makes our hearts beat faster. Observing the ARTWORK of Stunt Professionals can literally change the way our bodies function!