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Thank you to the SC Film Commission for Recommending this Website!

From a visitor to my site: “The SC Film Commissioner Diana Cherryholmes referred me to:

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Updates as of 04/22/2023 for

To be a part of the most complete list of films on Long Island, first check the site to see if it is listed already, if not then send your request to [email protected] and in Subject field put “NEW FILM.”

The Prof – Updated with new poster and trailer

The Penguin – Added with some special treats – The Transformation The Penguin

The Instigators – Added – In production

Blue Bloods – Updated with new filming location

The Last Ferry – Added

Broken Hearted – Added

North by Northwest – Updated – photo at bottom

Halloween Heroes – Added

Going to try a new feature to these updates. Will be adding a few of the top most visited sites in order of ranking. Not every day but on various days at random.

Day 1 – the affair, the week of, the marvelous mrs. maisel, in and out, married to the mob, the black list, Maggie marvel, she devil,  this is where I leave you, manifest

2 – the week of, sweet liberty, the marvelous mrs. maisel, the affair, billions, in and out, succession

3 – the week of, in and out, win win

4 – the week of, pollock

5 – stuff heroes are made of the silent short, she devil, goodfellas, leisurama a documentary, the good wife

6 – goodfellas, the affair, the good wife, leisurama a documentary,