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If you are a fan of Eric Roberts and Armand Assante the movie "The Night Never Sleeps" which was filmed completely on Long Island a few years ago is now being shown on Amazon. If you are a Prime member, it is free. If not, you can rent it or buy it. See the various options on the Amazon page.

For more information on this movie, click HEREsee lots of information on this movie, including the trailer located on this site.


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Added in September

***= Added since last monthly update

*** Foryour information, Death Wish (1) which had scenes shot in Nassau is being remade with Bruce Willis, currently in Chicago

***UPDATED PAGE:"Shows on TV"- Updated locations for "The Affair" & "Girls"

***UPDATED PAGE:"Shows on TV"- Added "Younger"

***UPDATED PAGE:"NYS Film Production Incentive Program" - TV Premieres & Film Releases for October

Added -"Black Swell"to Movies Suffolk

UPDATED PAGE:"Of Interest"- Game of Thrones make up

UPDATED PAGE:"Shows on TV"- "Girls" filming in Montauk

Added -"Kelly & Cal" to Movies Nassau

UPDATED PAGE:"The Godfather" - Added the following article "Post Focus: Paramount Restores The Godfather"

UPDATED PAGE: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" -Added article about the making of the movie

Added - "Rock that Body" to Movies Nassau

UPDATED PAGE: "Other LI Productions" - Kendall Jenner shot an Estee Lauder commercial in Long Beach

UPDATED PAGE:"Shows on TV"- Added "White Collar"

UPDATED PAGE: "Of Interest" - Narcos renewed, added four videos and article about Game of Thrones Mystery Role

UPDATED PAGE:"NYS Film Production Incentive Program" - "Feed the Beast" Cancelled

UPDATED PAGE:"Of Interest"-'Tyrant' to End Run With Season 3 (9-7-16) -This website has never critiqued any show or had anyopinionsof any show, however this will be the first time. Was very dissapointed with the ending. It should have been better.

UPDATE: Check back often for new categories to be added in the next few weeks.

Added in August

UPDATED PAGE:"NYS Film Production Incentive Program" - Added posters and photos to movies & TV shows plus added more TV and movies

UPDATED PAGE: "Behind the Scenes" - Added Page 9

UPDATED PAGE: "The Wolf of Wall Street" - Added article about Martin Scorsese discusses the shooting of this movie.

UPDATED PAGE: "Movies Nassau" - Added "I Smile Back"

UPDATED PAGE: "Shows on TV" - Added Pandora's Box

UPDATED PAGE: "Inside Llewyn Davis" - Added article about the making of the movie


UPDATED PAGE:"NYS Film Production Incentive Program" - Added some videos

ADDED A NEW SECTION TO THE MENU: "NYS Film Production Incentive Program"

UPDATED PAGE: "Special Recognition Page" - Added "Mr. Gordon Willis ASC"- Very interesting articles on this legendary cinematographer who worked on 7 films shot on Long Island

UPDATED PAGE: "Link Exchange" - Added Killer Films' with Christine Vachon and Stony Brook / Killer MFA in Film

UPDATED PAGE: "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - Added article by Empire State Development -at bottom of page

Added in July

UPDATED PAGE: "The Americans"

UPDATED PAGE: "Orange Is the New Black"

UPDATED PAGE:"Long Island Events"

UPDATED PAGE: "Of Interest"- Articles about Game of Thrones, Jaws & The Art of Slow Motion in Film

UPDATED PAGE: "Miracle on 34th Street"

UPDATED PAGE: "The Godfather"

ADDED AN INTERVIEW with Actor Robert Clohessy

UPDATED PAGE:"Shows on TV"- Added "Mr. Robot"

UPDATED PAGE: "The Hamptons" - Richard Gere to sell Hamptons home

UPDATED PAGE:"Shows on TV"- Added "House Hunters"

Added in June

UPDATED PAGE: "Goodfellas" -Added articles

UPDATED PAGE:"Hairspray"- Added article

UPDATED PAGE: "The Blacklist" - Added shooting location

UPDATED PAGE: "Of Interest" - History of the camera and other items

UPDATED PAGE:"Vinyl"- Added article

2015- Highlights

UPDATED PAGE:Philip & Robert M. Snyder's movie-"The Bag"-Has been officially selected for another film festival.

UPDATED PAGE-Debra Markowitz's movie -"Leaving" -Added Awards

UPDATED PAGE-Debra Markowitz's movie -"TheLast Taxi Driver" -Added Awards

UPDATED PAGE-Elias Plagianos's movie -"The Man from the City"- Has been nominated for many awards at the L.A. Shorts Awards

UPDATED PAGE-"The Janet Russell Show"- Added an interview

UPDATED PAGE-Lee Kolinsky's movie -"Stand Up Guy"- Has been officially selected for another film festival

UPDATED PAGE -Steve Sage Goldberg's movie -"Junkie Heaven"-Has been officially selected for another film festival

A NEW Marcus Slabine movie -"Nick and Nicky"-Addedfinalized version of the trailerstarring Sean Young

"The Bag"was written by Robert M. Snyder

"Leaving"was written byDebra Markowitz

"TheLast Taxi Driver"was written byDebra Markowitz

"The Man From the City"was written byEliasPlagianos

"Stand Up Guy"was written by Lee Kolinsky

"Junkie Heaven"was written by Lee Kolinsky

"Nick and Nicky"was written by Patrick Askin

2014- Highlights

UPDATED PAGE -"The Affair"- Added actual on location photos, plus other photos and videos

UPDATED PAGE-Debra Markowitz's movie -"Leaving" - Added poster

UPDATED PAGE-Debra Markowitz's movie -"TheLast Taxi Driver" - Added


UPDATED PAGE-Fred Carpenter's - "Send No Flowers" - Added article "Behind the scenes......."

UPDATED PAGE -EliasPlagianos'smovie -"The Man From the City"-Added new poster

UPDATED PAGE -A NEW Elaine Del Valle movie-"The Mark"- Added photos

"Leaving"was written byDebra Markowitz

"TheLast Taxi Driver"was written byDebra Markowitz

"Send No Flowers" was written by Lee Kolinsky and Mike Lovaglio

"The Man From the City"was written byEliasPlagianos

"The Mark"was written by Taryn Kosviner and Howard Kingkade

2013 - Highlights

A NEW Adam Sandler movie-The Cobbler - was added to Movies Nassau


UPDATED PAGE -Fred Carpenter's - "The Night Never Sleeps" -Added a MUST SEE TRAILER

UPDATED PAGE -Fred Carpenter's - "Send No Flowers" -Added aMUST SEE TRAILER

"The Night Never Sleeps" was written by Mike Lovaglio

"Send No Flowers" was written by Lee Kolinsky and Mike Lovaglio

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