Trees Lounge

Release Date: 1996

Director: Steve Buscemi

Writer: Steve Buscemi


Steve Buscemi

Carol Kane

Mark Boone Junior

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Valley Stream (aerial view) – Steve Buscemi’s hometown

Of Interest:

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Trees Lounge was inspired by the drinking games that used to occupy Buscemi’s time in the actual Tree Lounge located in Valley Stream, Long Island.

“That was my life when I used to live in Long Island. I used to work in a gas station. I drove an ice cream truck,” Buscemi explains. “Trees Lounge is a real bar and mostly all the characters are based on people that I know there.” ~ By Mark Scheerer / CNN Interactive / Oct. 25, 1996

The film was nominated in 1996 for an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature (Steve Buscemi, Director and Chris Hanley & Brad Wyman, Producers), as well as Best First Screenplay (Steve Buscemi, Writer)