Night for Day

Release Date: 2008

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Glen Cove




Miller Place

July 11, 2023 post by Russ on FB:

On your encouragement, my Facebook friends, For the 15th anniversary of the start of shooting of my second feature back in 07, my crew and I are remastering and remixing this old flick to get it ready for an anniversary screening in the fall, ….and hopefully distribution to streaming platforms after that…
Here’s the upscaled remastered trailer for “Night for Day”

May 6, 2023 post by Russ on FB:

Digging through the old drives
15 years ago – the second feature film I directed
“Night for Day”
Co-written with my friend Linda Hanson shot by my buddy Sean Quincy King with music by the amazing Vincent Nigro
i’m still very proud of it after all these years.!
A love story with a vampire twist… (written before the twilight series came out.)
Went into a few festivals, Never went anywhere… No distribution.
Haven’t seen it in probably 10 years .Opened it up and …I liked it… I know …Crazy
..obviously things I would change or fix now, but that’s how it was then.. and so I’ll leave it as is.
Here’s the scene where the lead character is forced to make the choice that propels him through the rest of the film..
What do you guys think? Should I put the whole film up on YouTube for you?