Morning Glory

Release Date: 2010

Director: Roger Michell

Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna


Rachel McAdams

Harrison Ford

Diane Keaton

Jeff Goldblum

Patrick Wilson

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Carle Place including Cafe Formaggio (Forum Diner) in opening scene and Staples Office Supply.

Mineola including Kiss the Chef (Becky in coffe shop) and WTHE/1520 AM Studio.

Westbury including the laundromat scene, the Post House Co-op Apartments, Old Country Road near Horizon Dinettes and Majestic Diner, and rear of Chateau Briand Caterers.

East Meadow including Eisenhower Park (Becky calling from a NJ park on her phone).

(aerial view)

Of Interest:

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Despite their long careers in Hollywood, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford had never met until they co-starred in Morning Glory. Harrison Ford explained: “We have been working in the same business, different branches of the business. She was in the intellectual branch and I was in the running, jumping and falling down branch. So, we never had the chance to work together. But it was a real pleasure to finally get that opportunity.” This is Keaton’s and McAdams’ second film together. They previously co-starred in the 2005 comedy/drama The Family Stone. ~ Wikipedia