The Good Shepherd

Release Date: 2006

The Good Shepherd

Director: Robert De Niro

Writer: Eric Roth


Matt Damon

Angelina Jolie

Robert De Niro

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Locations of L.I. shoots:

The House in Munsey Park (see In the News below)

Manhasset (aerial view)

St. Brigid’s Rectory in Westbury (the wedding scene - exterior) ~ thanks to Jose Castillo for providing this information / March 16, 2011

Of Interest:

I would like to add that an acquaintance of mine Shari Johanson  was one of the music editors of this movie. And the latest production that she was the music editor of was for the HBO series "True Detective." 3-22-14

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In the News - Manhasset Press / Munsey Park Hosts Hollywood 

Click HERE for "A Wilderness of Mirrors: Shooting and Design of the Film"

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