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FIRE ISLAND – Added – There is another show with the same name which is a TV series. This movie is directed by Myles Clohessy

The Better Man– Updated
The Prof – Updated

Who Invited Charlie? – Added



Manifest – Updated

Everybody interested in movies should be aware of the following:

Many people do not know that Stunt Professionals do not get an Academy Award, even though they are the ones who literally risk life and limb for their life’s passion, the ART FORM they have spent their lifetimes MASTERING… The ART of ACTION! Without their selfless contribution to film, the movies we know and love, would not be nearly as impactful. It is the ART of ACTION, that allows us to experience those thrilling and breathtaking moments that makes our hearts beat faster. Observing the ARTWORK of Stunt Professionals can literally change the way our bodies function!

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