Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn – Goat (original title)

Release Date: May 21, 2013

Director: Paul Borghese

Writer: Paul Borghese (co-screenplay)


Armand Assante

William DeMeo

Cathy Moriarty

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

A location in Manhasset was used to depict the Brooklyn home of Bobby Baldano’s (William DeMeo) parent’s Joseph, (Armand Assante) and Sarah Baldano (Cathy Moriarity).  The filming involved a pivotal scene that captured Bobby’s homecoming.

“It has been a great benefit to our feature to be able to utilize the Long Island location in lieu of Brooklyn and the home provides the perfect aesthetic for the Baldano residence.”

~ The above information was supplied by Bethanie Schwartz, Line Producer for GOAT

GOAT was brought to my attention by Paul Borghese the Co-Writer, Director and an Actor in the film

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Extended Trailer

Original Trailer

William DeMeo, Paul Borghese at the premiere