Lower Than the Angels


  • Through a relationship with one woman, her special child and two priests, Lower than the Angels explores the dual nature of man. Lena Crosetti experiences life in a sensual way which can sometimes mask her deep spirituality. Her life’s work has become caring for her twelve-year-old daughter Angela who has been in a persistent vegetative state for nine years. Claims that the child is performing miracles have reached the Bishop who sends Father Clemente, a Jesuit priest, to investigate. Father Clemente is the antithesis of Lena. All through his meetings with Lena and Father Dominica, the parish priest who remains loyal to Lena, Father Clemente remains steadfast in his belief that this is all a hoax. Ultimately, Father Clemente finds he has come to Lena and her miraculous daughter to find his own reaffirmation of faith and to discover his place as a priest and as a man. — Russ Camarda


Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Adelphi U