King of the Hamptons

Release Date: 2009

Director: Dennis M. Lynch

Writer: Dennis M. Lynch


Dennis M. Lynch, Dan Rattiner

Christie Brinkley, Billy Joel

Alec Baldwin, Chevy Chase

Edward Burns, Mercedes Ruehl

Kim Cattrall, Andre Agassi

Stefi Graf, James Lipton

Alexa Ray Joel, Lorraine Bracco

Locations of L.I. Shoots:

In Nassau:

Massapequa (aerial view)

In Suffolk:

The Hamptons

Of Interest:

“Long Island native and first time filmmaker, Dennis Lynch, delivers a hilarious and heartfelt documentary about dealing with his own midlife crisis. In an attempt to escape a 40th birthday, a struggling business, a pregnant wife, and a legal battle with his dying grandfather, Lynch heads out to the Hamptons to live the life he’s only read about in magazines. King of the Hamptons, which was the first film to sell-out twice at the Hamptons International Film Festival 2010, is a real-time account of how Lynch’s Hamptons adventure becomes a life-defining experience as he soon discovers that wild parties, pretty women, and living amid the rich and famous can’t help him escape the real midlife issues he’s facing.” ~ L.I. International Film Expo

Massapequa Filmmaker shows “King of the Hamptons”

The movie premiered with two sold-out screenings at the 2010 Hamptons International Film Festival and was also the feature film shown on the opening night of the 2011 Long Island International Film Expo.