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L.I. International Film Expo 2022 – The 25th anniversary (Part 2) Red Carpet & Awards

The 25th anniversary of the L.I. International Film Expo at the Bellmore Movies continues in this Part 2. The festival was co-founded by filmmaker/author/writer, Debra Markowitz. Red carpet interviews with actress-singer/TV host, HELEN Proimos will give you additional information about some of the award-winning talent being honored this exciting night. In this episode you will see and hear from Honoree, NBC’s Greg Cergol (Excellence in Broadcasting), Sal Rendino (Presenter), Kevin Brown (MC), Kevin Kline (“Delivering Hope” Best Doc Feature), Lukas Hassel (Presenter), Chad L. Coleman (“Wishlab Inc.” Inspirational Work in Sci-Fi Genre), Michael and Michayla Scully (“Montauk 77” Best Feature Film), Lindsay Serrano (LIIFE Festival Organizer), Tara Westwood (“Hudson Falls”/Producer, Best Episodic), Phil Snyder (“Trucked”), and Yi Liu (“Removable” Best Actress). Congratulations! CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

L.I. International Film Expo 2022 Celebrates Year 25! (Part 1)

Voted one of the ‘coolest’ film festivals, the Long Island International Film Expo, ‘ushered’ in their silver anniversary at the Bellmore Movies. This year’s independent films were engaging, thought provoking, and inspiring…as always! In this Part 1 we see some fascinating Red-Carpet interviews by HELEN with celebrities, honorees, presenters, and very creative filmmakers. LIIFE founder/filmmaker, Debra Markowitz, Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things), Tara Westwood (The Grudge), Chad L. Coleman (The Wire, The Walking Dead), shed some light on their careers. Henry Stampfel (Bellmore Movies co- owner and LIFTF President) explains how these 25 years of LIIFE began. Anne Stampfel (Bellmore Movies co-owner/festival committee) awards the 1st Marc Stein Comedy Award. Presentation of the Best Actress Award can be seen. Comedian, Kevin (DotCom) Brown is the event’s MC. Be on the lookout for Part 2 in the 25 years of L.I.I.F.E.     CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Stage Screen and in Between with Helen Proimos interview with Steve Stanulis

LIIFE 2021 with HELEN (Part 2)

LIIFE (Long Island International Film Expo) continues in this exciting Part 2 of actress-singer/TV Host, Helen Proimos’, coverage of the Awards Presentation at the historic Bellmore Movies. Interesting Red Carpet interviews with Honorees, Kristin Thorne (WABC-TV – Excellence in Newscasting Award) and Kim Delaney (All My Children, NYPD Blue, General Hospital – Excellence In Film and TV Award). Hear from award-winning filmmakers and talent- Daniel Baldwin (My Promise To P.J. – Cinematography by Andy Bowles), Deirdre O’Connor (One Moment), Sal Rendino (Best Supporting Actor-One Moment), Lukas Hassel (The Blacklist-Presenter), Eddie McGee (Eddie’s Place-Presenter), Kevin dotcom. Brown (30 Rock-HOST), Deborah Twiss (A Beautiful Distraction-Presenter), Peter Gaudio (Gravesend), Debra Pirolo (Swimsuit Model). Public Relations by Rick Eberle. CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Long Island Int’l Film Expo 2021 (Part 1)

The Long Island International Film Expo 2021 held its 24th annual film festival in-person at the Bellmore Movies, Long Island, New York. See interviews by actress/TV Host, Helen Proimos, with the talent and some of the award presentations for outstanding work by independent filmmakers. Hear from LIIFE co-founder Debra Markowitz, Host-Kevin dotcom Brown, Henry Stampfel- LIIFE President, and the indie film stars (Best Actress and Best Actor) and producers from films – Victim No. 6, The Andy Baker Tape, and Tango Shalom.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE


Check out the 40 foot Drive-In movie screen in the parking lot of the Samanea Mall in Westbury, New York. The Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) 2020 held its 23rd annual film festival virtually and at their temporary drive-in at this location due to COVID-19 restrictions and the closing of theaters. Actress/TV Host, Helen Proimos, interviews Bellmore Movie owners, Ann and Henry Stampfel (LI Film/TV Foundation president), David Ackerman ( Samanea Group), Lou Martini, Jr. and Toni D’Antonio (‘Sober’), Michelle Ciardulli (LIMPACM-L.I. Museum and Motion Picture Arts Center Museum), Karen Rizzo (LI Film/TV Foundation board member), and Cognac Wellerlane (TV host). Enjoy watching the trailers of indie films from various talented filmmaker who had entries in this year’s Expo (not necessarily shown at drive-in). Trailers for: “SOBER”, “Guest of Honor”, “Alienated”, “Ho sposato Mia Madre”, “Distemper”, “Abigail”. Follow-up interview clip with Debra Markowitz, Nassau County Film Commissioner/filmmaker.


Award winning filmmakers, father and son – ROB GRAYDON and JOSH GRAYDON, have four entries in the Long Island International Film Expo, two each. Watch this interesting episode of Stage Screen and In Between with HELEN as they discuss each film or trailer. Josh has “Lights” a Sci-Fi Horror and “Charlene”. Rob Graydon has one in the horror genre, “Mr. Shivers” and “PEACES” which is on the opposite end of the spectrum. “Peaces” involves a story involving Ghandi’s grandson and a painting concerning world peace.


Nassau County, N.Y. Film Commissioner, DEBRA MARKOWITZ, explains how the 23rd annual Long Island International Film Expo 2020 (LIIFE) made a swift, yet challenging, transition from standard theater viewing to virtual and drive-in style for their 2020 film festival due to COVID-19 restrictions. An accomplished filmmaker herself, Debra is aware of the importance of providing a viewing platform for creatives. Although missing the camaraderie that prior LIIFE’s enjoyed at the Bellmore Movies, hopes are high that 2021 will be business as usual. Watch and listen to a lively Red Carpet interview by actress/TV host, HELEN Proimos, as she discusses with Ms. Markowitz an interesting array of topics associated with this highly regarded international film expo including celebrity guests and honorees – Kathrine Narducci, Jeremiah Kipp, and more.


Award winning actor, director, teacher and founder of ARG Studios, ANTHONY ROBERT GRASSO, has five incredible submissions in the 2020 Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE). Being shown virtually this year, you can see “The Blind Date”, “The Long Commute”, “Fresh Air”, “General Mess Hospital”, and “My Life As A Doormat” in which Robert is either showing his skills as an actor or director. In this episode you will see Robert’s Red Carpet interview with HELEN Proimos, actress and TV host of Stage Screen and In Between with HELEN, as he looks forward to a successful festival run. Included in this interesting episode is the trailer for a comedy where ARG plays an about to be dismissed doctor!


Special guests (actors/producers) LOU MARTINI JR. & TONI D’ANTONIO meet HELEN Proimos (actress/tv host) on the Red Carpet to have a lively conversation about their fabulous TV pilot submission in the Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) 2020, “SOBER”. Synopsis: A beloved female Boston cop retires and must now figure out what to do with the rest of her life. FUN SHOW with lots of good info too. “SOBER” is slated to be shown Drive-In style, Saturday, October 3, 7:00pm. Samanea Mall, Westbury, NY. Info at

Lukas Hassel & Lisa Belcher Introduce “Guest Of Honor” At LIIFE

“GUEST OF HONOR” has its Long Island premiere at the Long Island International Film Expo.2020 (LIIFE). The 23rd annual LIIFE will go on virtual and drive-in style. This short film, nominated for the Festival Prize of Best Story, is co-written by Lisa Belcher (Director) and Lukas Hassel who also co-star together. Lukas discusses this thought provoking indie film with TV Host/Actress, Helen Proimos, during his Red Carpet interview. He expresses the importance of the surprise twist in the storyline. Synopsis – Struck by tragedy, a married couple goes ahead with their anniversary party, when an unusual guest arrives! Important and moving film. Lots of fun during the interview!


In true show biz fashion, the 23rd Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) will go on with two ways to see movies, virtual and drive-in, from Wednesday, September 30 – October 8. The drive-in (run by Michelle Ciardulli of LIMPACM) will be in two time blocks on Friday, October 2 and Saturday, October 3 and held behind the Samanea Mall in Westbury, NY. Traditionally the Expo is held at the Bellmore Movies in Long Island NY (owned by Ann and Henry Stampfel), but the 2020 LIIFE has moved to these platforms for everyone’s safety as a result of the COVID-19 and adhering to on-site restrictions. My special and talented filmmaker guests in this episode are Russ Camarda and Dan Brennan who have a thought provoking yet comedic short film entitled, “TAXICAB RIDE WITH JESUS”, screening virtually on Wednesday, October 7 in the 7:30pm time block. Find out more about this team by watching Helen Proimos’ Red Carpet interview with them in this fun episode. Special thanks to Debra Markowitz, Nassau County Film Commissioner. Information and tickets are at:

Part 2 – Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) Awards 2019

The 22nd annual Long Island International Film Expo Awards (LIIFE) 2019 continues at the Bellmore Movies. For over forty years, Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, JOHN GALLAGHER, has been on the New York scene as a director, writer, producer, author, historian, and educator. Sylvia Caminer, filmmaker, is present and expresses John’s positive influence on her career and that of others. See the Red Carpet interviews of celebrities and indie film creators by actress-singer/TV Host – HELEN Proimos and continuing (from Part 1) award night highlights. You’ll see and hear from Sal Rendino, Geraldine Leer, (Robert Clohessy passes by – literally), Kevin Brown – aka Dot Com (Host), Lukas Hassel, Abigail Hawk, Anthony Robert Grasso, Mario Corry, Amanda Ramirez, Phil and Robert Snyder, ‘Karen’, David Chai, and Fred Carpenter. Appreciation is given to Nassau County Film Commissioner and LIIFE co-founder, Debra Markowitz, the LIIFE Board of Directors, John Marean, Trish Appello, Regina Hardy, Kory Diskin, Anne and Henry (President of LIIFE) Stampfel (Bellmore Movies owners), and PR specialist – Rick Eberle. Find out more and be part of the fun by watching!


With over forty films under his belt, Director John Gallagher is honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Long Island International Film Expo 2019 (LIIFE) at the Bellmore Movies. Helen Proimos interviews John on the Red Carpet on Awards night.

The Long Island International Film Expo Awards 2019 – Part 1

Part 1 – An exciting evening celebrating independent films at the 22nd annual Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) held at the Bellmore Movies in New York. Actress-Singer/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, interviews on the Red Carpet and shares some award highlights and presentations. Guests include News 12 Emmy winning anchor, Carol Silva, who is also the Inaugural Excellence in Newscasting recipient at LIIFE, Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods), Abigail Hawk (Blue Bloods) and Creative Award recipient, Jackie (‘The Jokeman’) Martling, Alex Scrymgeour (Eddie’s), Sammi Rae and Los Vegas (singers). Hosted by Kevin Brown (aka Dot Com-’30 Rock’), LIIFE Co-Founder and Nassau County Film Commissioner Debra Markowitz, Anne Stampfel (Advisor) and Henry Stampfel – LIIFE President (Owners of Bellmore Movies and Co-Founders of LIIFE), Laura Curran (Nassau County Executive).

Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) 2017 with DEBRA MARKOWITZ

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, chats it up with DEBRA MARKOWITZ (Nassau County Film Commissioner and one of the Long Island International Film Expo founders), about the many titles she holds, the 20th Anniversary of the LIIFE, and shares exciting news about what she’s up to.

LIIFE 2017

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, is interviewing on the Red Carpet at the Long Island International Film Expo 2017 which is screening some unique indie films at the Bellmore Movies. Nassau County Film Commissioner, Debra Markowitz, shares some info about the festival’s 20th anniversary and some of her own many achievements. Hear from Dennis Cabrini (writer/co-director/actor) of High Hopes 2: A New Beginning. Helen plays ‘The Boss’ in HH2 so this night is especially exciting. (Other co-director, Andrew Schwarz, in stills at end). Fellow castmates Rosemary Cook, Judy Prianti, and Joe Crochetti of HH2 give their ‘take’ on working on this award-winning feature; Power of Prayer – Drew Henriksen (writer/actor), Tony Simonetti (producer/actor), Eileen Shanahan, and Andrew Henriques (director); and Forgive Me – Keith McMahon (writer/actor). Exciting movie trailers are included for each flick.

Long Island Film/TV Foundation’s 20th L.I. International Film Expo (LIIFE)

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos (High Hopes 2: A New Beginning), interviews on the RED CARPET for the Long Island International Film Expo at the Bellmore Movies and shares some special moments as this fabulous awards presentation evening unfolds. Hosted by Kevin Brown (aka Dot Com on ‘Thirty Rock’), with introductions and presentations by Debra Markowitz (Nassau County Film Commissioner), Ann Stampfel, Henry Stampfel (President LIFTF), Ileen Kristen (Ryan’s Hope, One Life To Live), and others. Interview with and incredible performance by Broadway star, Ciaran Sheehan (Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables), Jackie (the ‘Joke Man’ Martling), Brian O’Halloran, Trish Apello, Fred Carpenter, Cheryl Martin (Forgive Me), Drew Henriksen (Power of Prayer), Elias Plagianos (accepting for ‘Shoot Me Nicely’ w/William Sadler), Saila Kariat (The Valley), Max and Juliana (The Pixie Fighters), Peter Ingenito (Behind the Glasses, Laughing Through The Fear (a doc on Kevin Can Wait funnyman, Chris Roach), The Perfect Kid), and a special greeting from Robert Clohessy and Sal Rendino.

L.I. Int’l Film Expo Awards Continue 2016

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, interviews celebrities, filmmakers, and talent on the RED CARPET at one of the ‘coolest’ film festivals in the world, THE LONG ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM EXPO (L.I.I.F.E.) (Debra Markowitz) and brings you into the awards ceremony at the Bellmore Movies. In this episode you’ll meet up with American Idol finalist, Robbie Rosen, Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree, Ed Asner, Cathy Moriarity (Raging Bull), Ilene Kristen (One Life To LIve), Marilyn Chris (One Life To Live), Sal Rendino (TV series – The Get Down/Second Chance), Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods) and Shari Berman (Sugar!), Rosalie Gaffney (En Pointe), Suzanne Guacci (Stuff), Kevin Brown (30 Rock), Shari Umansky (Immunity), Isaac Broyn and Eli Hershko (The Closer), Don Scime (The David Dance), Kelsey O’Brien and Kohl Beck (We Remember),

L.I. Int’l Film Expo 2016 – ED ASNER and FRIENDS

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, interviews filmmakers and celebrities on the RED CARPET at the 19th annual Long Island International Film Expo 2016, at the Bellmore Movies, on Awards Night. Debra Markowitz (N.C Film Commissioner and filmmaker), Anne Stampfel, and Henry Stampfel (L.I. Film/TV Foundation President), organize this amazing event (with the help of the Diskin family and volunteers). Receiving the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is the legendary, ED ASNER, (his new doc is “My Friend Ed”) with ‘Raging Bull’ star, CATHY MORIARITY, presenting. Hosted by Kevin Brown, who played Dot Com on “30 Rock”, the evening is peppered with established stars and the ‘rising ones’. Funny man, Jackie ‘ the Jokeman’, Larry Romano (“King of Queens”), presenter Ilene Kristen, talent from ‘STUFF’ (Phyllis Somerville), ‘Mommy’s Box’ (Kelly Karavites), and ‘Reset’,

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, goes on location with the new hit comedy, “NICK and NICKY”, while filming at the beautiful Vanderbilt Mansion and Museum. HELEN interviews writer/producer/actor, PATRICK ASKIN, director MARCUS SLABINE, actors SEAN YOUNG, MALACHY McCOURT, DEBORAH TWISS, and TYLER HOLLINGER in this original movie inspired by ‘Nick and Nora’. Casting Director, DONNA McKENNA, Production Designer, KORY DISKIN.

Check out Nick and Nicky on MFOLI website

Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos joins Director PAUL BORGHESE at his TAPPAN FILMS office to talk about his newest feature film release, “BACK in the DAY”, starring WILLIAM DeMEO, Annabella Sciorra, Michael Madsen, Alec Baldwin, Shannen Doherty, Danny Glover, Mike Tyson, Joseph D’Onofrio, Cristian DeMeo, Ronnie Marmo, Peter Gaudio, and other great actors. On display is memorabilia that sparks Paul to reminisce about various and incredible roles he has played as an actor, writer, producer, and director. Discussions and trailers are included for “BACK in the DAY”. “Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn” (aka GOAT), “61”, and “Alienated.” Paul also talks about being on The Sopranos and a past president of GIAA (Guild of Italian American Actors).

“Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn” (aka GOAT) and The Sopranos are on this website, put the shows in the search field.

A Queen For A Day (Interview trailer) 6-23-15

Trailer of interview samples includes Michael Ricigliano, Jr., David Proval, Vincent Pastore, David Deblinger, Portia. (Director John Gould Rubin)

LIIFE 2015 Awards

ON THE RED CARPET – Actress/TV Host, HELEN Proimos, interviews celebrities JOHN AMOS, RANDY EDELMAN, JOSEPH A. HALSEY, JACKIE (the Jokeman) MARTLING, EVAN PARKE, Writers Maria Soccor & Frank Orefice, Jr. and brings you into the awards ceremony for a peak.

Helen Proimos interviews Debra Markowitz (author, screen writer, director, producer, casting director & Debra Markowitz-Nassau County Film Commissioner)  after the screening of Deb’s two new films, “Leaving” and “The Last Taxi Driver” starring Robert Clohessy. Helen also speaks with stars, Joseph A. Halsey, Sal Rendino, Vincent Ticali,