The Blue Lizard

Release Date: 2002

Director: Fred Carpenter


Fred Carpenter

Lee Kolinsky

Gloria Shepherd


Paul Regina

Donna DeCianni

Wings Hauser

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

The famous Blue Lizard Lounge in Commack

The SUNY at Stony Brook sound stages

Of Interest:

To the outside world, the Blue Lizard Lounge exemplifies an escape from the reality of everyday life – the euphoria provided by a high-spirited, cabaret-style atmosphere, complete with sensual, pulsating hot music, live performers and singers – all of which combine to delight and entertain the senses. ~

Won the  Jury Prize – Best Picture at Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) 2003

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Click for FULL MOVIEContains Adult Material

The Blue Lizard Video Clips

Clips # 1-5 Contains adult material

The Arrival – In Clip #1 Arianna makes her stunning “Arrival” at the Blue Lizard, and enters a world of hot pumping dance action amidst a complex shadow of intrigue involving a missing $5 million. 

The Collector – In Clip #2 we meet THE COLLECTOR played by rapper Craig Mack, in this high-octane action sequence!

Nick Save Me – In Clip #3 Ariana (Donna DeCianni) makes her plea to Nick (Paul Regina) not to give her up just for money ($5 million!)

I Love My Wife – In Clip #4 Ariana’s husband must make a choice between… “the money or your wife”!

I Want The Money – Clip #5 (No description)

Good Bye – In Clip #6 actors Paul Regina and Donna DeCianni confront each other in a diner and say goodbye.

Bonus Clip – I Did It For You – Clip #7 (No description)