Release Date: 2004

Director: Jonathan Glazer


Jean-Claude Carrière

Milo Addica

Jonathan Glazer


Nicole Kidman

Cameron Bright

Lauren Bacall

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Brightwaters and Sagtikos Manor (Suffolk County Park)  (aerial view)

Of Interest:

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“The first image in Jonathan Glazer’s Birth is a nearly two-minute, uninterrupted high-angle shot of a jogger making his way through snow-covered Central Park. The camera follows a few steps behind him, floating dreamily twenty or thirty feet over his head. It trails the runner for several hundred meters, over hills, around bends, and, finally, under a quiet overpass before momentarily losing sight of him in the darkness. The first cut is to the opening title: Birth, rendered in an ornate, story-book script.” ~ long pauses blog (excerpt)