Margot at the Wedding

Realease Date: 2007

margot wedding

Director:Noah Baumbach

Writer:Noah Baumbach


Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Flora Cross

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Filming took place in

East QuogueandHampton Bays(aerial view)

Southampton(aerial view)

Shelter Island and Greenport(aerial view)

Of Interest:

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"When it comes to emotional violence ... 'Margot at the Wedding' is hard to beat."

"...the characters, unpleasant as they are, are depicted with bracing individuality. Ms. Leigh and Mr. Black have never been better - Pauline and Malcolm, for all their troubles, are at least trying to be honest and kind - and Mr. Pais more than holds his own in very intense company. As for Ms. Kidman, the more complicated she is allowed to be, the better she is..."~ A.O. Scott / NYT

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