Act of Contrition- short film

Release Date: 2000

Act of Contrition with boarders

Director:Fred Carpenter

Writer:Fred Carpenter


John Spadaro

Donna DeCianni

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Nassau County:

Long Beach


Suffolk County:


Stony Brook


The story of a man who questions his faith in God, due to his neighborhood decaying from greed and drugs. Through the death of a little girl and the strength he draws from the woman at his side, he renews his faith in God, which gives him the strength to fight for his neighborhood.

Of Interest:

WontheBest Short Film Award-16mmat theLong Island International Film Expo - 2000ClickHEREfor Fred Carpenter's Interview with Donna DeCianni

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This Movie Contains Adult Material for Mature Audiences.


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