Grace - Short film

Release Date:2015


Director: Chris Ordal

Story by:Marisa Vitali

Sreenplay by: Chris Ordal

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Tim’s Shipwreck DinerinNorthport(aerial view)

Movie Synopsis:

Today, Janice will face her high powered ex-husband in family court for the custody of their daughter. As head waitress at the Depot Diner, staying clean and doing the NEXT right thing is her priority. When Johnny, her boss makes a decision that affects her ability to appear in court, Janice has to face her demons of addiction and choose whether to stay clean through life's adversity or "screw it" and use....

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Of Interest:

Tim's Shipwreck Diner. - GRACE

Red Carpet GoodNess!

OMG!!! I got GETTIED!!!

WoW! What a Premiere for GRACE and Opening night at theSoho International Film Festival.GRACE was nominated for Best Showcase Short Film & The NYC Audience Award.

I invite youto come to a festival screening in a town near you andCELEBRATEwith us! Join us in the Conversation ofRecovery

Lighthouse International Film Festival(LongBeach Island, NJ) June 4th-7th

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Cape Fear Independent Film Festival(Wilmington, NC) June 11th-14th

Super Excited to share that GRACE will be Premiering andOpening the Soho International Film Festival onMay 14th, 2015

It's an HONOR for Grace to be Featured at The 2015 CANNES Film Festival

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Marisa Vitali & Paul Dano in @Backstage May 2015 Issue

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‘Grace,’ A Story About Overcoming Heroin Addiction06-02-16

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August 5, 2014


WoW! What an INSPIRING TRIP....PERU is filled with Magic and Adventure. The vibration is sooooo High, you don't even really need to meditate....You can just ask the question and receive the answer. However, what did come to me during my morning meditation at Machu Picchu as the sun was rising was this: It's NOT about DOING Machu Picchu....Its About BEING Machu Picchu...A sense of Being and that the answers to any and all questions lie within....Kind of likePaulo Coelho'sBookThe Alchemist, seems like I had to go all the way to Peru for these simple life lessons, that had been with me all along. Here's to living with LOVE and Compassion from Peru! xx

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Northport Observer

WoW! Grateful & Blessed to have made the cover ofthe Northport Observer. Thank Youto the Northport Observer and journalist Emily Mancini, for theirgenerosity incovering this story.


Marisa Vitali

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