Malcolm X

Release Date: 1992

Malcolm X

Director: Spike Lee


Alex Haley and Malcolm X (book)

Arnold Perl and Spike Lee (screenplay)


Denzel Washington

Angela Bassett

Delroy Lindo

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Filming included the Hempstead Houseand the surrounding Guggenheim Estate located at the Sands Point Preserve. The 216-acre Sands Point Preserve, a Nassau County Park which is managed by the Friends of Sands Point Preserve, is located on the Long Island Sound.  It is dominated by the massive Hempstead House, the nearby Castle Gould stable, and also includes a second mansion, “Falaise,” built by Capt. Harry Guggenheim about 1923. (aerial view

Port Washington (aerial view)

Of Interest:

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"Taking the autobiography and a screenplay by Arnold Perl that was begun more than 20 years ago (Perl died in 1971), Spike Lee has attempted the impossible and almost brought it off. His new 'Malcolm X' is not exactly the equal, or even the equivalent, of the book, but it's an ambitious, tough, seriously considered biographical film that, with honor, eludes easy characterization." ~ Vincent Canby / NY  Times / Nov. 18, 1992

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