Stardust Memories

Release Date:1980

Stardust Memories

Director:Woody Allen

Writer:Woody Allen


Woody Allen

Charlotte Rampling

Jessica Harper

Marie-Christine Barrault

Tony Roberts

Daniel Stern

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Location of L.I. Shoots:

Bailey Arboretum(Munnysunk) located in Lattingtown(aerial view).Filming was of a scene showing some very strange people waiting for an alien spacecraft to land.

~ Location information was provided Doug Hart,First Camera Assistant on the film (see below also)

DC Hart and Woody AllenOf Interest:

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The photo (right) was taken at the Bailey Arboretum during filming. It shows Woody Allen at the Panavision camera; that’s Doug, First Camera Assistant, in the foreground with his back to the camera and hand on his hip. ~ Photo compliments of Doug Hart

The film sharply divided both audiences and critics, with many Allen fans proclaiming it his best picture or among his worst. ~ Wikipedia

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