Reversal Of Fortune

Release Date:1990

REV of fortune

Director:Barbet Schroeder


Alan M. Dershowitz(book)

Nicholas Kazan (screenplay)


Jeremy Irons

Glenn Close

Ron Silver

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Old Bethpage

Knole Estate(aerial view) - the home was used for interior shots

Of Interest:

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"The movie's production design did not have an adequate budget according toMel Bourne[who was the art director and production designer for the movie]. For interiors the company took over a Long Island mansion and Bourne changed the plan. 'I'll build the bedroom and bathroom from scratch inside what was the living room, because it was the biggest room, and I used the dining room for the living room. I had to build what amounted to an interior set in the actual location.'"~ Production Design in the Contemporary American Film by Beverly Heisner

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