Shortcut To Happiness

Release Date: 2004/2007

"The Devil and Daniel Webster"(original title)

Shortcut To Happiness

Director:Alec Baldwin


Stephen Vincent Benet(story)

Archibald Macleish (play)

Peter Dexter (screen story-screenplay)

Bill Condon, Nancy Cassaro (screenplay)


Anthony Hopkins

Alec Baldwin

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Location of L.I. Shoots:

Old Bethpage Village Restoration

Huntington Village/Hamlet (aerial view) - Marsh's Mens Store

~Some location information was provide by Doug Hart,First Camera Assistant on the film.Doug said he worked on the film for only a few days (uncredited).

Of Interest:

Although filmed in 2001 as "The Devil and Daniel Webster", it was plagued with financial difficulties and sat unreleased for several years. In 2007 the Yari Film Group announced a deal to release the film to theaters under a new title, "Shortcut to Happiness". ~ Wikipedia

According toAlec Baldwin, the film was extensively re-edited after it came into the possession of Bob Yari Productions, and no longer bears any resemblance to its original form or to the Benet short story, hence the title change.Baldwin has since requested that his name be removed from the credits as director and producer. ~ IMDb

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