Leaving - short

Release Date: May2015

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Director:Debra Markowitz

Written by:Debra Markowitz

Screenplay by:Debra Markowitz


Debra Markowitz

Rapier Wit Films, LLC

The Majors Productions, LLC

MovieMan Productions, LLC

Halsey Films


Molly Ryman...........Emily Hemming

Joseph A. Halsey.....Paul Hemming

Sal Rendino............Betrand

Noelle Yatauro.........Sarah Hemming

Cristian Neenan...... Cristian Hemming

Donna Sirianni........Donna


Judy San Roman, Cheryl Martin, Justin Piconeand Jim Cook


Nugent Cantileno,Kory Diskin,Carrie Ferrante,Regina Hardy,John Marean,

Joshua Paige,Marc Riou,Robert La Rosa, Helene F. Schulman,Cecily Mihok-Trenka,

RyanCampbell,RyanO'Shaughnessy, PeterFrizalone,MaraBush,

AdamJohnson,Travis Tirado, Sky Vega, Scott Berger, Lillian Ehrlick,

Sarah Kilma and Stephanie Zuccaro

Locations of L.I. Shoots:


All photos taken by Set Photographer Helene F. Schulman and are copyrighted

(All rights reserved. No photo may be reproduced without prior written permission)

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Of Interest:

Leaving is an official selection of the SOHO International Film Festival 2015


Look Around (Featuring Clips from "Leaving")

"Look Around" featuring the lovely and talented Sofia Nicole The song was selected to be the title track for Leaving.

Molly Ryman (Things I Don't Understand) as Emily

Joseph A. Halsey (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) as Paul

Sal Rendino (Volcano) as Bertrand

Noelle Yatauro (The Last Taxi Driver) as Sarah

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