Just Like Joe

Release Date:2008


Director:Fred Carpenter


Fred Carpenter(story and screenplay)

Jerry Delamater (story)

Thom Sciacca (story)

Paul Regina(screenplay)

Joanne Tamburro (screenplay)


Paul Vario

Matthew Pappadia

Anthony Trentacosta Click on Poster for full movie

Click HERE for Full Cast and Crew

Locations of Shoots:

Valley Stream, Babylon and Bay Shore

Of Interest:

"Just Like Joe" was originally entitled "The Bruins"

Won the Audience Award at the Long Island International Film Expo - 2008

Won the Audience Award at theSOHO International Film Festival - 2010

Click HERE for Photo Album (Filming the movie and SOHO International Film Festival - 2010)

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Click HERE for theVideo - Neighborhood Journal's coverage - Filming the movie

Click HERE for theVideo -Neighborhood Journal's coverage - Premier of the movie

Click HERE for theVideo - "Just Like Joe" Q&A at St. Joseph's College - February 26, 2009

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