Impresarios and Visionaries - Documentary

Featured in the documentary, Impresarios, Visionaries and Artists, Michael Rothbard and Vic Skolnick 
are the respective co-founders of InterMedia Arts Center and Cinema Arts Centre.

Release Date:Unknown

Producer/Director:Steven Taub.

About "Impresarios, Visionaries and Artists" - from their Facebook page

“Impresarios, Visionaries and Artists” will be a sixty minute documentary. Presently we are in production. The film is being created for PBS broadcast.

Our show will examine and celebrate the presentation and importance of the arts in our lives and communities. We will explore the film makers and musicians process. Our journey shall reveal how presenters, artists and audience are beautifully linked. Clearly demonstrating that the arts brings communities together, stimulates emotion, adds joy to our lives and furthers our intellectual boundaries.

The presenters storyline will focus on community leaders and cultural icons Vic Skolnick and Michael Rothbard. Respective co-founders of Cinema Arts Centre and Inter Media Arts Center located in Huntington, N.Y.

The community of the arts has unlimited potential. This thought exemplifies the notion that humanity has potential that is as expansive as our imagination.

Our story is one of dreams, process, realization and contribution.

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The title track for our documentary is the song "Elements." We have created a music video for our song. It’s dedicated to Vic and Michael from Cinema Arts and IMAC. Our song celebrates all that is and that can be. It's a song for the artist within us all.

A music video has been made for "Elements" and it will be seen within Impresarios and Visionaries documentary. The music video will have it's premiere at Cinema Arts Centre, Sky Cafe on Monday May 13th at 7:00 p.m. Followed by a conversation with Producer/Director Steven Taub.

Also shot on Long Island and is on Amazon and Free on Amazon Prime

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