Fighting Irish

Release Date:2003

fighting irish pic med

Director:Ray Daly Jr.

Writer:Ray Daly Jr.


Ray Daly Jr.

Kara Hamilton

Mary Beth Pape

John Henry Whitaker

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

In Nassau:

Valley Stream, Franklin Square(aerial view) and Carle Place(aerial view)

In Suffolk:

Commack(aerial view)


Fighting Irishwas chosen as the Best First Feature at the Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) 2003.

Fighting Irishis an action/drama about one man and his three-year war with an entire biker gang. In the 90s, The Warlords Motorcycle Gang was a fixture in the New York nightclub scene, extorting money from bar owners and basically terrorizing the entire nightclub industry. That all changed at the door to the Carousel East when a down on his luck bouncer named Sean McCarthy took the Warlords actions personal. Filming locations included Tower Records in Carle Place,the Alpine Garden Restaurant in Franklin Square, private residences in Valley Stream and Franklin Square, as well as Carousel East located in Commack.

Of Interest:

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A Trailer or Video Clip ofFighting Irishcould not be found, however, pleasehave a listen to an Audio Clip of the Original Music and Sound Design from the film.The music was composed by John Plenge, a New York based artist, who has won many Awards for his work.Runtime of the Audio Clip is approximatley 6:07, withTake Me/Teach Me, the second selection, starting at about 2:27.

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