An Invasion of Privacy

Release Date:1983

an invasion of privacy

Director:Mel Damski


Joan Taylor (based on her novel)

Elaine Meuller


Valerie Harper

Jeff Daniels

Cliff De Young

Jerry Orbach

Tammy Grimes

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Shelter Island(aerial view)- used to depict the Maine island community setting for the film

Of Interest:

Synopsis -Based on Joan Taylor's novel, 'Asking for It', the made-for-TV 'An Invasion of Privacy' starsValerie Harperas a recently divorced book illustrator Kate Bianchi. Moving into a remote, cloistered island community in Maine, Kate has barely arrived when she is raped by a local handyman. The hostile, inbred locals immediately turn against Kate when she presses charges, leaving only the town's college-educated police chief (Cliff De Young) to champion her cause.Jerry Orbachand Tammy Grimes took time off from their roles in the Broadway musical of '42nd Street' to show up in cameo roles.aired January 12, 1983, on CBS.First ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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