The Night Never Sleeps


Release Date: 2012

TNNS lo res 3-21

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Director: Fred Carpenter

Written by: Mike Lovaglio

Screenplay by: Mike Lovaglio

Executive Producer: Helene F. Schulman

Co-producer: Russ Camarda

Producer: Fred Carpenter

The Cast:

  Eric Roberts**...............Hector   

  Armand Assante.............Inspector Romanelli

  Dan Brennan..................Detective Cavanagh 

  Russ Camarda................Iceman

  Robert Clohessy***........Detective Jablonsky

  Jose Hernandez Jr...........Vargas 

  Stephanie Finochio..........Officer Rourke

  Eliza Roberts...................Lisa Cavanaugh

  Paul Vario.......................Wilbur the Bar Owner

  Anthony L. Gurino...........Jefferson the Restaurant Owner

  Sal Sirchia......................Simon

  Helene F. Schulman.........Woman in Diner

  Michael A. Lavaglio..........Sgt. Anthony Torres

  Kresimir Novakovic..........Inspector Dawson

  Rishard Lampese.............Musician in Restaurant #1

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Movie Synopsis:

Set in New York City and written by career cop Michael Lovaglio, "The Night Never Sleeps" follows the journey of New York Street Crimes Sergeant Thomas Cavanaugh (Dan Brennan) during the course of one night as he and his partner Rourke (Stephanie Finochio) hunt down murderers of one of their task force. Through the course of the night it becomes clear that those responsible are the Chicos Locos gang, headed by local drug dealer Victor Vargas (Jose Hernandez Jr.) and enforced by the ruthless psychopathic killer Iceman (Russ Camarda). Cavanaugh begins to realize that Vargas' gang may be getting help... from inside the police force. Internal Affairs Inspector Romanelli (Armand Assante) tips Cavanaugh off to the fact that there may be something rotten in his task force. Boundaries are crossed, lines are blurred...How far will Cavanaugh go for justice. Gritty, dark and authentic, "The Night Never Sleeps", with a driving score, and standout performances, evokes the spirit of films like "Taxi Driver" and "The French Connection." If you want to kill the Devil, you have to go to Hell to do it.                       ~ Synopsis provided by Russ Camarda

Locations of L.I. Shoots:


All photos taken by Helene F. Schulman and are copyrighted

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Page 1 - Baldwin                                          Page 8 - Shirley

Page 2 Hauppauge                                     Page 9 - Hauppauge

Page 3 Hauppauge                                     Page 10 - Hempstead & Baldwin 

Page 4 Shirley & Mastic                              Page 11 - Hauppauge

Page 5 Oceanside                                       Page 12 - Merrick

Page 6 Hauppauge                                     Page 13 - Baldwin

Page 7 - Hauppauge                                                               




All videos taken by Movie Videographer Helene F. Schulman and are copyrighted

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 Oceanside - 3 videos  Shirley - 3 videos  

 Hauppauge - 4 videos Baldwin  - 7 videos

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Selected VIDEOS, occasionally with a brief description, which include Filming, Actors, Screenings and Awards for the film, “The Night Never Sleeps”.

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·      The Making of "The Night Never Sleeps" - Behind the Scenes

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·      Lindenhurst Business and Local Actors Featured in "The Night Never Sleeps"

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In Focus 2 - Actors

·      Actor Armand Assante Joins "The Night Never Sleeps"

·      Actor Eric Roberts Joins "The Night Never Sleeps"

·      LIIFE 2012 to Feature Work of Huntington Screenwriter/Actor Mike Lovaglio

·      Port Washington Actor Dan Brennan Returns to LIIFE 2012

·      Lindenhurst Actor Russ Camarda Returns to LIIFE 2012

In Focus 3 - Screenings

·      Audience Screening Information - Video Trailer & Description

·      LIIFE 2012 Opening Weekend Events

·      LIIFE 2012 Premier of "The Night Never Sleeps"

·      Fred Carpenter Doing a Q & A at LIIFE 7-13-12

·      Cablevision coverage of the premiere of "The Night Never Sleeps" at LIIFE  - NEW

In Focus 4 - Awards

·      Fred Carpenter's "The Night Never Sleeps" wins Best Long Island Feature Award

·      Lindenhurst Actor Russ Camarda wins Best Supporting Actor Award

·      Musician Vincent Nigro receives Honorable Mention for Best Original Score

Clips of many of Eric's movies shown while his son Keaton Simons sings   

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