Laura Branigan

It wasn't until recently I heard that Laura Branigan passed away in 2004. I heard this sad news from her drummerTommy Bayiokos

She lived in East Quogue and the following video was shot in the Hamptons.

Didn't We Almost Win It All - Laura Branigan

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Annual Spirit of Love Gathering-Laura's official website, and also that "Other Half Entertainment" is her legacy management company.

FromTommy Bayioko'sFacebook page:

By chance through his college music pals, Tommy entered what was to be a four year pivotal chapter of defining life moments when becoming friends with singer and pop star "Laura Branigan", as they both loved and lost in their lives with Tommy losing his mother Eleftheria and Laura losing her husband Larry Kruteck also to cancer. Soon, Tommy auditioned as percussionist and led to years of headline shows include Myeroff Symphony Hall, Turning Stone Casino Shows, Vegas, Rye Playland & VH1, NY State Fair, Hershey Park, Eisenhower Park and weeks of shows at the Mohegan Sun Cabaret Theater just to name a few concert venues. With common ground and deep feelings of heart & soul, Tommy dated and loved Laura for eight precious months until the very end and bought her much joy as she did for him. Laura's last performance was without her band and to tracks at the North End Italian Festival in Boston with Tommy and was a monumental step for them, as Laura also cared for her mother Kathleen those years. On August 26th 2004, Laura Branigan passed away due to a brain aneurysm which ran in her family. This was without a doubt one of the saddest days of Tommy's life as he really loved her so very much. At the funeral as pallbearer, Tommy said he was going to sit with his band members upon after entering and Laura's brother Mark pulled him away and said " Laura would want you up in the front!....with me". "My inability to heal left me in the abyss" wrote Tommy in a published article titled "I'll Remember You" for the "Spirit of Love" memorial gatherings, who Tommy became active in her legacy with Laura's friends Kathy and Vince Golik of After years of healing, Tommy has had some pleasant relationships and recalls them all wonderful and he is pointing towards the future while staying aware of his past.

Never saw this video. I am posting it because I think the concept and shooting of this video was very well done! I found out after writing this that this video was directed by William Friedkinwho directed "The French Connection" among many other great movies.

Below are 2 images of the "Self Control" RIAA Gold Recordaward presented to director William Friedkin - one is full award andthe other is a close-up of the placard.

sc gold record
sc gold record-plaque closeup

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