The Godfather

Release Date: 1972

The Godfather

Director:Francis Ford Coppola


Mario Puzo(novel and screenplay) [bio]

Francis Ford Coppola (screenplay)


Marlon Brando

Al Pacino

James Caan

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

An abandoned runway in Mitchell Field, Garden City. This location is now part of Nassau Community College. (Scene depicts Sonny Corleone being gunned down at toll booth)

Long Beach and Mill Neck

Filming included Falaise, part of the Guggenheim Estate, located at the Sands Point Preserve ~Scene depicts the horse's head being found in Jack Woltz's bed.

The 216-acre Sands Point Preserve, aNassau County Parkwhich is managed by theFriends of Sands PointPreserve,islocated on the Long Island Sound. It is dominated by the massive Hempstead House, the nearby Castle Gould stable, and also includes a second mansion, “Falaise,” that was built by Capt. Harry Guggenheim around 1923. (aerial view)

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Alex Rocco as Moe Greene

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For Coppola, working on the film was very much a family affair. Cast included his sister Talia Shire (Connie Corleone), and mother Italia Coppola as well as his children Gian-Carlo, Roman and Sofia Coppola, all of whom appeared as extras. The ever familiar soundtrack was composed and performed by a partnership between Nino Rota, and the director’s father Carmine Coppola, a well respected songwriter, musician and musical director. ~ Ramon Youseph / Classic Films

An offer they had to refuse... See Robert De Niro's FAILED audition as Sonny Corleone for The Godfather (but he did win an Oscar for his role in Part II)

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Godfather movie star actor and Legend Gianni Russo (played Carlo, Connie's husband) received a plaque commending him on the 40th anniversary of the famous movie. The event was hosted by the Long Island Television and Film Foundation. The movie has many scenes that were filmed on Long Island. The movie is regarded as one of the most popular movies of all time.

Debra Markowitz - N.C. Film Commissioner

Michael J. Arbouet and Fred Carpenter with Gianni

Gianni Russo as Carlo in The Godfather


Gianni Russo, Jill Clayburgh, and Al Pacino attend the premiere in 1972 - added July 2016

Godfather Movie Scene:

Sonny gets a call from his sister Connie after she has been beaten up by her husband Carlo. Sonny decides to head straight over there. Sonny gets trapped at a tollbooth and is brutally shot multiple times by multiple people using the Tommy Machine Guns....

Godfather Movie Scene:

The day Don Michael Corleone settles all family business. After having put a hit out on the whole commission wiping out all the heads of all the New York families, Michael has one more score to settle with Carlo. Carlo has to answer for the death of Michael's brother, Sonny

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