Paperman- short film


Release Date: 2005

Co-Producers and Co-Directors:

Philip Snyder and Robert M. Snyder

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Movie Synopsis:

Paperman-Murder headline

A dark comedy, Paperman explores the desperate mind of a newspaper editor/reporter/paperboy pressured into coming up with the "Big Story" by his abusive boss. Writer/Co-Director Robert Snyder stars in the title role. His mother, Eleanor Snyder, co-stars as his bed-ridden grandmother, Howard Swengler gives a scene-stealing performance as the Boss from Hell, and Ralph Edsell, a Snyder Films regular cast member, plays a tormented actor/friend.

Locations of L.I. Shots:

Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Hewlett and Sands Point.

Of Interest:

• Won Best Short Film Award Filmmakers' Connection Minifest-2002

• Screened at LI International Film Expo-2003

• Won Best Short Film Under 10 Minutes-Barebones Film Festival-Tulsa, Oklahoma-2005

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