Carol For Another Christmas

Release Date: 1964

Carol for Another Christmas

Director:Joseph L. Mankiewicz


Charles Dickens (based on his novellaA Christmas Carol)

Rod Serling (scripted modernization)


Sterling Hayden

Eva Marie Saint

Ben Gazzara

Robert Shaw

Peter Sellers

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Michael Myerberg Studio [ref]- Roosevelt Field in Garden City(Past) (Present)

The Myerberg facility had once served as a hangar, a remnant from when the property was used as an airfield for military and commercial use.

The Michael Myerberg Studiorepurposedas a nightclub~ The New Yorker | April 16, 1966

Of interest:

Carol for Another Christmas, a 90-minute television adaptation written by Rod Serling, best known as the creator of The Twilight Zone, was the first in a series of 1960s-era made-for-television movies designed to promote the activities of the United Nations. It was also the only television program directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, the Oscar-winning writer and director of All About Eve. Its pedigree notwithstanding, Carol for Another Christmas was shown just once on ABC, on Dec. 28, 1964. ~ New York Times

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