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First Time on TV:  10-12-2014


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Locations of shoots:

Lynbrook Westwood LIRR train station (Newsday)

Lobster Roll in Amagansett - Oct. 2017

Lobster Roll in Amagansett - Sept. 2017

Town of East Hampton - Last week of Sept. 2016 (

Montauk - Sept. 2017

Spent the Columbus Day weekend (2015) filming on the East End (Heard Montauk) and a day long shoot at The Lobster Roll aka "Lunch"  (Dan's Papers 10-30-15)

Port Washington 5-22-15 (olv) ***

Expected to be shooting on Main St in Montauk and possibly East Hampton 5-19-15 (olv)

New Showtime Series Filming in Port Washington  7-9-14    

Whitehall and Webster St in Lynbrook 7-23-14 (olv)

Showtime Films in Port Washington 7-9-14

Showtime to film 'The Affair' at Lynbrook Westwood LIRR station 7-10-14

Railroad Ave and Audrey Ave, Oyster Bay 6-30-14 (olv)

Filming on the ferry to Block Island (off of Montauk, NY/Rhode Island) 6-4-14 (olv)

Shot at O'Murphy's Pub in Montauk in May 2014 (Dan's Papers 6-20-14)

Filming on Route 27 out in Montauk (trailers and trucks parked along the road) 5-30-14 (olv)

The Affair is filming in downtown Montauk, they’ve changed several store facades for the movie and should be there through the end of the week. 10-3-13 (olv)

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Joshua Jackson is returning to television this fall in the new Showtime series, The Affair.

Back in January the network announced they had picked up the series which will also star Ruth Wilson.

Jackson plays Cole, a cowboy who runs a family ranch on the tip of Long Island. Wilson plays his wife, Allison, who leaves him for Noah (Dominic West) who is also married to Helen (Maura Tierney).

The show’s first season begins filming today on Long Island, where much of the pilot was also filmed last fall. According to a recent casting call, The Affair will be filming in Montauk, NY between May 27 and June 6.

This will be the second series that is primarily shot on Long Island, along with USA’s Royal Pains 5-27-14.(olv)




‪ Andrea Terry, co-owner of The Lobster Roll, with Ruth Wilson, who plays Alison on "The Affair" while shooting this summer (2014). COURTESY OF ANDREA TERRY    

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