Impresarios and Visionaries

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STEVEN TAUB April 23, 2013 at 9:40 pm

We’ve all heard the saying “Brother from another mother.”
 Richie Havens and Michael Rothbard/IMAC frequently
 joked with each other about this. They were the black 
and white version of each other.

Richie Havens performed at IMAC frequently. You know 
how Richie Havens comes off as kind and amicable. 
It’s because he was. A talent with a good heart.

When we started filming for “Impresarios and Visionaries”
 he was the first person we slated for an interview. Unfortunately his physical and mental health made this an impossibility.

One door closes. Another opens. I did interview David Bromberg. His spirit and wit was outstanding. He did some tasty guitar finger pick’n for our documentary as well.

So now Richie and Michael are you two fooling the angels as to who’s who? And if not, Michael is letting you know that he is booking you on a six hundred seat cloud venue. The acoustics are great. People are smiling, lyrics are being mouthed, feet tapping, hands clapping.

Presenter, performer and friends reunited again.

written by Steve Steven Taub

STEVE FINKELSTEIN February 5, 2013 at 6:23 am

In producing this documentary, Steve Taub is paying tribute to two giants who literally helped define the cultural lives of all Long Islanders. Manhattan Island gets all the notoriety. But for decades Michael Rothbard and Vick Skolnick, in conjunction with Kathy Bodily and Charlotte Skolnick, worked tirelessly to transform the cultural landscape of our suburban island, creating a vibrant and dynamic arts scene, bringing the best in music, film, and other arts to the forefront, enriching the experiences of all who live here. It’s an honor to be a small part of this worthy project, playing with one of my favorite artists - Cathy Kreger, one of Long Island’s most talented and unsung musician/producer/engineers – Bob Stander, and my good friend and dedicated, visionary video artist- Steve Taub. Bravo Steve! Someone had to do this. You are the best man for this job!


MARYLIN GILKS February 4, 2013 at 7:05 pm

I knew Vick and Charlotte in the 70′s when they were struggling to create an alternative school for kids that stressed the arts and creativity! They helped create .The Learning Tree… alternative school that promoted childrens creativity, artistic talent, and alternative learning that was in sync with each child taht attended! The cinema that they eventually created was really an outgrowth of this vision but geared to adults. The Cinema arts Center opened peoples minds to new cultures, new thinking .but ultimately the human connection……thru film. I have the deepest respect for Vick and Charlotte who had the courage to pursue this vision and put it to task..and make it a reality!………….Marylin Gilks

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