Nassau County Film Advisory Board   

On February 14, 2012, Nassau County held its first Advisory Board Meeting.

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Here are the people in the photo:

From around the table, left to right:

Parviz Farahzad – Grumman Studios

Lyndsey Lostritto – Gold Coast Studios

Angela Susan Anton – Anton Newspapers

Debra Markowitz – Director, Nassau County Film Office

Laura Siegel – Creative Entertainment Connections

Bruce Feinberg – BMF Studio


Next row:

Dan Brennan, Dan Brennan Media

Sal Del Giudice – Tangerine Films

Larry Strong – Tufux Entertainment

Edward P. Mangano - Nassau County Executive  

TJ Collins – Poseidon Productions

Clint Smith – Eddie Murphy Production Company

Michael Arbouet – Mad Prodigy Films

Duane Smith - Sunset Entertainment

Fred Carpenter, Independent Filmmaker

Satish Sood – Deputy Commissioner of Plannin

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