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Critic's Word - George Orwell once said, “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because tough men stand ready to do the violence on their behalf.” When the sun sets and the average working stiffs clear out, the animals come out to play. The drug dealers and the prostitutes, the muggers, the peddlers and psychos, the streets become their playground, and all that stands between us and the injustice that lurks about are those whom put others before themselves. ~ The Master | 05 July 2012 

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Sonic Cinema I’m not sure that I would compare this gritty, morally-corrupt crime thriller to the likes of “Taxi Driver” and “The French Connection,” but in tone, Fred Carpenter’s New York drama certainly packs a punch similar to those movies. When I call the film “morally-corrupt,” it’s simply a description of the narrative laid out by screenwriter (and career cop) Michael Lovaglio in his plainly-seen tale of gang dealings and shades of grey police work. From the opening scene, this film grabs you and, pardon the cliche, doesn’t let go.

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Movie BuzzersNo movie has epitomized the phrase “Freaks come out at night” as well as Fred Carpenter’s The Night Never Sleeps.  The film has been gaining acclaim on the festival circuit.   

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