LIIFE 2012 Announces Winners at Bellmore Movies

Fred Carpenter's "The Night Never Sleeps" wins Best Long Island Feature Award

TNNS Poster - Medium

The video clip features interviews with a number of award winners, including an appearance by actor Robert Vaughn who was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Also featured in the clip is Debra Markowitz, Nassau County Film Commissioner, who spoke about her involvement, and that of many other individuals, in making LIIFE 2012 the successful event that it was.

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Lindenhurst Actor Russ Camarda wins Best Supporting Actor Award

Accepting the award for Russ Camarda, who could not attend, was his wife Vicki. Included in the video clip are previously recorded impressions Russ Camarda had on playing the role of Iceman.

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Musician Vincent Nigro receives Honorable Mention for Best Original Score

Vincent Nigro 1

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