Gordon Willis

I chose to add Cinematographer Gordon Willis to our Special Recongnition Page not only because of his scope of work, but because many of the movies he worked on are on this website because of scenes filmed on Long Island.

The article "Supervising a Set" is from the October 2014 Special Issue of American Cinematographer and is"Reprinted courtesy of American Cinematographer magazine." This article and any other articles and images from this magazine are not to be copied or downloaded without permission fromAmerican Cinematographer magazine.

Click HERE for"Supervising a Set

ClickHEREfor "Gordon Willis Tribute – THE GODFATHER"

"If you would like to read more, I recommend contacting the ASC (www.theASC.com) to see if you can order this October 2014 edition with 45 pages dedicated to Mr. Willis

Here are some other items I found to be of interest:

Click HERE for the IMDb link for Mr. Willis

The following movies on this site Mr. Willis worked on. Please click on the name to get to their page:

Annie Hall

The Devil's Own

The Godfather


The Money Pit

Stardust Memories


There are many more videos on Youtube that are of interest.

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