The Last Taxi Driver - short    

Release Date:  2014 

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Director:  Debra Markowitz

Written by:  Debra Markowitz

Screenplay by:  Debra Markowitz


Debra Markowitz - Producer

Rapier Wit Films, LLC - Producer

The Majors Productions - Producer

Steve Sage Productions - Producer

Judy San Roman - Executive Producer 

Diane Yatauro - Associate Producer

Victor Picone - Associate Producer



  Robert Clohessy...................The Last Taxi Driver

  Emily Jackson......................Violet

  Deborah Twiss.....................Sibyl

  Vincent Ticali.......................President Picone

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The zombies (and those they're trying to eat): 

Stan Adams, Cheryl Martin, Barrett "Bear" Wolf, Joyce Berardi, Justin Picone, Tom Laurino, Raj Mehta, Dominick Mirabelli, Judy San Roman, Laura Wenham, Keith McMahon, Regina Hardy, Tom Fries


Nugent Cantileno, Kory Diskin, Carrie Ferrante, Regina Hardy, John Marean, Joshua Paige, 

Marc Riou, Robert La Rosa, Steve Sage Goldberg, Helene F. Schulman, Cecily Mihok-Trenka,

Ryan Campbell,  Ryan O'Shaughnessy, Lucas Riou, Peter Frizalone, Mara Bush, 

Kristen Alimena, Lauren Killip, Liz Coakley, Christine Vartougian, Jackie Xerri, 

Adam Johnson, Aaron Champagne, Ari Cavaliero, Jayson Bass

Promotional Video:

Christina Wood, John Thomassen, Stan Adams, Cheryl Martin, Ingrid Dodd,  Nugent Cantileno


Movie Synopsis:

A disgruntled taxi driver refuses to give up his chosen career, even when the only inhabitants left are zombies.

Locations of L.I. Shoots:


All photos taken by Helene F. Schulman and are copyrighted

 (All rights reserved. No photo may be reproduced without prior written permission) 

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Of Interest:

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Hang Onto Your Shorts -

The Last Taxi Driver - A Mix of Some Comedy Block

Saturday, April 24 - 12:22 - 2:01 p.m.

Asbury Park, NJ


The Last Taxi Driver was invited to screen at the Asbury Shorts Film Festival April 8, 2016

The Last Taxi Driver was accepted into the Golden Door Film Festival.

Congratulations to Robert Clohessy for winning Best Actor for The Last Taxi Driver at the Northeast film festival Horror Fest #‎thelasttaxidriver‬

The Last Taxi Driver has been nominated for:

Best Film (The Last Taxi Driver)  

Best Director (Debra Markowitz)

Best Actor (Robert Clohessy)  

Best Screenplay (Debra Markowitz)

You can See The Last Taxi Driver at the Northeast Horror Fest on Thursday, December 10 - in the 9 pm block - and you can buy tickets here

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