So’s Your Old Man - silent film

Release Date: 1926

So's Your Old Man

Director: Gregory La Cava


J. Clarkson Miller

Howard Emmett Rogers (adaptation)

Julian Street (story - "Mr. Bisbee's Princess")


W.C. Fields

Alice Joyce

Charles 'Buddy' Rogers

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

In Nassau: 

Lake Success (aerial view)

In Suffolk:

Huntington Village/Hamlet (aerial view)

Location filming to depict Waukegus, N.J., hometown of Samuel Bisbee (Fields)

"...Fields shot So's Your Old Man, ramming a Model A Ford into a tree (in Huntington) and performing his famed golf routine* (at the original Deepdale Country Club in Lake Success, before it decamped to Manhasset to make way for the LIE)." ~ Joseph V. Amodio | Special to Newsday | January 3, 2012 (Read Full Article - Silents Were Golden on Long Island)

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