A Thousand Clowns

Release Date: 1965

220px-Thousand clowns

Director:Fred Coe


Herb Gardner(based on his play)(+)

Herb Gardner(screenplay)


Jason Robards

Barbara Harris

Martin Balsam

Barry Gordon

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Locations of L.I. Shoots:

Michael Myerberg Studio [ref]- Roosevelt Field in Garden City(Past) (Present)

The Myerberg facility had once served as a hangar, a remnant from when the property was used as an airfield for military and commercial use.

The Michael Myerberg Studiorepurposedas a nightclub~ The New Yorker | April 16, 1966

Of Interest:

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"Timeless" is an adjective that's tossed around too frequently, butA Thousand Clownsmore than qualifies.You may have to view it more than once to catch all the rapid repartee, but repeated viewings are far from a chore.And as Murray (Jason Robards) always says – you can never have too many eagles. ~ Bob Aulert | Culturevulture.net

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